What does Seller Ledger do to secure my information?

Seller Ledger utilizes the latest technologies to ensure your information is safely handled. This includes:

  • All web pages are served over HTTPS, which encrypts communications so that attackers can't steal your information. It also confirms that a website is who it claims to be, preventing impersonations.
  • All information that that is stored in the Seller Ledger application is also encrypted, to prevent any unknown individuals from being able to read it.
  • We also use services like Cloudflare to protect against outside attacks.

For bank and credit card connections, we partner with a company called Plaid, who is one of the largest platforms in the space working with financial institutions. They have extensive explanations about their security practices here: https://plaid.com/safety/

Seller Ledger also had to pass security reviews from multiple (much larger) companies that provide online sales channel and connected account information.

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