How do I import older Amazon transactions?

Like with other online sales channels, Seller Ledger is able to automatically import the last 90 days of transaction history from Amazon when you first sign up. And if you upgrade to an annual plan, we can go back and automatically import much of your transaction history for the full tax year. However, due to how Amazon's APIs are set up, some data may not be automatically accessible. To help with this, we've added the ability to upload a single CSV transaction history report to fil in the gaps.

What older data is automatically imported?

Once you sign up for an annual plan, we'll go back to January 1 of the most recent tax year and automatically import the following data:

  • Sales and order history
  • Returns/refunds for merchant-fulfilled transactions

What older data is not automatically imported?

However, we do not have automatic access to the following data beyond 90 days:

  • FBA returns/refunds
  • Amazon account fees

The good news

To help with this one time issue (because we import all data going forward,) we have added a new tab under your Amazon account to allow you to upload a CSV file with your missing transaction data. We show you both the oldest order transaction, as well as the oldest "settlement" transaction (usually a refund or fee). You will want to remember the date of this second transaction type, in this case, August 19, 2023

Amazon has a transaction report available in its (new as of the writing of this article) Report Repository. Simply go to your Seller Central account, under the Payments section, and choose Report Repository. You should see a screen similar to this:

Just choose a date range from Jan 1 to the date of the date of the oldest Refund/Fee transaction shown in your Seller Ledger Amazon account. In this case, it would be August 19, 2023.

Click the "Request Report" button to have Amazon generate the transactions report for that time period. Once it has been generated, download the file, and then upload in in your Seller Ledger Amazon account. We will take it from there, pulling all of the information you need to do your full year's taxes.

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