Can I upload my inventory items?

You sure can. Seller Ledger allows you to upload item-level inventory information in CSV format.

In order to be able to upload inventory information, there are two things that must happen first:

  1. You need to have inventory tracking turned on. If you are using the cash-based method (e.g. categorizing purchases as Cost of Goods Sold,) this option won't be available to you.
  2. You must first have an inventory purchase recorded in Seller Ledger. This happens most often when you make a purchase through your bank or credit card and categorize it as Inventory. But you can also do this when manually adding inventory. You'll now you're set up for success if you see a transaction under the Inventory->Balances or Inventory->Purchases tab that looks something like this:

Now, when you click "Add Details", the screen that pops up will provide an alternative option to typing in each item. There is now a button and tab to "Upload Inventory":

Click on that to get to a screen where you can upload your inventory in CSV file format:

The format for the inventory file upload is pretty straightforward, but also specific. You will need 4 columns, with headers named "sku", "product name", "quantity" and "total cost". Like so:

Note: the total cost should be the amount for all items in that row, even if there are many. We will calculate the per-item unit cost on the back-end.

Also, when entering amounts for quantity and total cost, make sure your amounts do NOT include commas (e.g. 1,000) as that will throw off the import.

Once you have your data formatted to these columns, simply "Choose File" and click "Save". Your items will then be imported underneath that purchase transaction.

Start fresh with opening inventory

If you are looking to start the year fresh or are switching from another accounting platform, it's quite easy. When you first start using Inventory in Seller Ledger, we ask for a starting balance for the beginning of the year. Well, if you have a CSV file that lists all of your inventory and it's total value at the start of the year, you can use that as your starting point. Just add up the full value of that inventory and, when Seller Ledger asks for an opening balance, enter that amount. Then, find the "Opening balance" transaction we create for you (it will be on Dec 31 of the prior year), click "Add Details" and upload that inventory file.

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