How do I link my bank and credit card accounts?

We partner with a company called Plaid to link bank and credit card accounts to Seller Ledger. Just click on the button to "Add a bank, credit card or PayPal" and then the "Continue" button to get to the following screen:

If you don't see your bank or credit card listed on the first screen, just start typing in the box and follow the steps.

Managing accounts

Some banks will let you choose which accounts to link to Seller Ledger, others will link all of them. If you end up with linked accounts you don't want, Seller Ledger makes it easy to remove unwanted accounts. Just click the pencil icon next to the account name, and select the "destroy" button.

Transaction history

Each bank and credit card offers different lengths of transaction history. Some offer 90 days, others 60 days. But, going forward, we will import your ongoing bank and credit card transactions each day.

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