Handling transfers between accounts

At Seller Ledger, we use the term "transfer" to describe any transaction between two accounts that does not impact your profit or loss. There are a handful of different scenarios that you may see involving transfers between accounts.

The most common type of transfer is an eBay payout, which shows up as a withdrawal from your eBay account and as a deposit in your bank account (or wherever you have told eBay to pay you tour money.) We do a pretty decent job of automatically detecting these and marking them as transfers in both places. However, if for some reason we don't recognize them automatically, you can, from your bank account, click the "categorize" button and choose a "Transfer: xxxx" option where xxxx would be the name of your eBay account. This will tell us that that deposit is a transfer, and not income.

This approach also works for any other transfers that might show up between accounts you have linked in Seller Ledger. Just categorize it as a transfer to/from the other account.

The last scenario is where you may have a deposit from or a transfer to an account that's not linked to Seller Ledger (these are often personal accounts, where you're sweeping funds out, or pulling funds in.) For those, we're still working on a more specific "Transfer" label, but in the meantime, you can categorize as "Not for Business", since they won't impact your profit and loss.you

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