How does linking my eBay account work?

There are 2 important elements to linking your eBay account to Seller Ledger:


To start, you will be redirected to eBay in order to log into your account there and grant Seller Ledger permission to connect to your account and, on a regular basis, download information necessary to automate as much as your bookkeeping as possible. You may go back into your eBay account at any time and revoke that permission.

Importing your sales and expense information

Seller Ledger retrieves the following information from your eBay account:

  • Transaction history, which includes anything that impacts your eBay account balance, including payouts
  • Order details, which allows us to break down the amount you earned from item sales, the amount of shipping collected, and any eBay fees (like final value fees) that have been withheld.

When you first link your eBay account, Seller Ledger goes back and retrieves 90 days of transaction history. If you sign up and pay for an annual plan, we will go back and retrieve the most recent tax year's data (up to 15 months.)

Once linked, Seller Ledger will import new eBay sales and expense data multiple times a day going forward.

Learn more about how your eBay data gets organized.

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