How do I get more than 90 days of transaction history?

To help you evaluate Seller Ledger and determine if it's the right product for you, we provide up to 90 days of transaction history for connected accounts during your free 30-day trial.

Getting more history

To get more than 90 days of history, we ask customers to choose an annual paid plan. This allows us to cover the extra processing and storage costs for the extra data. Choosing an annual plan also saves you money, as we effectively offer a discounted price equal to 2 months of your subscription (e.g. $100 for the annual Starter plan vs $120 for twelve months of the same plan at $10 per month.)

How much more data to I get?

When you upgrade to an annual plan, Seller Ledger will go back and try to get enough data to file the most recent annual tax return.

For example, if you sign up in February 2023 and choose an annual plan, we will go back and get transaction from Jan 1 of the entire previous year (in this case, 2022.) In fact, for those customers who file a tax extension, you can sign up in September (again, let's say of 2023,) choose an annual plan and still get data back to Jan 1 of the prior year (2022.) This would allow you to do your taxes up through the Oct 15 deadline.

After the October extension deadline, through the end of that year. Seller Ledger will go back to Jan 1 of the current year. Then the same rules begin again at the start of the next year.

What if Seller Ledger can't get transaction history from Jan 1?

To date, we have been very successful getting older transaction history from channels like eBay, Etsy and PayPal.

For Amazon, we get some data automatically, but offer a CSV upload option for certain older data that is not available via their APIs.

We've had more moderate success getting that much history from banks and credit cards, as many have specific policies limiting the transaction history available through APIs to 60 or 90 days. However, we do offer the ability to upload CSV files of older bank transactions.

All this being said, if for any reason you choose an annual plan, discover we are unable to get the transaction history you require, and determine that Seller Ledger is not right for you, we are happy to cancel your account and refund the full amount paid. We only want happy customers to pay for our software.

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