How do I print reports and other pages?

Seller Ledger doesn't have an explicit "Print" feature for any of the pages of the site. This is simply due to the fact that most modern browser now support the ability to print any web page to a PDF (portable document format) file. Those file, in turn, print out very well across multiple different computer platforms.

As such, we recommend that, for any information in Seller Ledger that you'd like to print out, that you save as a PDF file and print that file. The most common requests we're heard for printing are around the Report and Taxes tabs (often to be able to send to an accountant or bookkeeper) - we have tested both and they generate quite nice looking PDF files.

Chrome browser

To illustrate how this might work if you are accessing Seller Ledger from Chrome, just select Print under the File menu, and you'll see the following options:

In the "Destination" box, change the selection from your normal printer to "Save as PDF". Clicking the "Save" button will download the selected page in the PDF file formal.

Safari browser

Safari behaves a bit differently, but generates the same result. Again, click on the "Print" option under the "File" menu. Note - there may be an "Export to PDF" option under the "File" menu as well - don't choose that, as it just saves a screenshot of the web page as a PDF. Make sure you get to the "Print" window as shown below:

Here, you'll see a small selection box near the bottom. Choose "Save as PDF" and you'll download the web page in the desired file format.

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