Why don't I see certain categories when trying to categorize transactions?

You may notice, especially is you are new to Seller Ledger, that some categories that roll up to the Schedule C tax report don't seem to show up when you try to categorize a transaction.

That's likely because the category has been turned off by default. To turn them back on, simply go to Setting -> Categories. There you will see categories with a "show" icon (that looks like an eye) to indicate whether a category is visible or not (has a line through the icon:)

If one of the categories you'd like to use has the crossed-out icon, just click the pen/edit icon to the right of the category and, when the category edit dialog pops up, click the "show" button.

That's it. Click Save and how your new category will be accessible throughout Seller Ledger.

Of course, you can also take the opposite approach - if there are categories you never use and you'd like to hide them, you can always come back to this same screen to turn them off.

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