Can I break a transaction into multiple different categories?

In a number of cases, you may have a transaction that shows up from your bank or credit card that doesn't fit into just one category.

For example, you might have a credit card purchase that includes shipping supplies for your business, but also some personal items you needed from the same store.

Well, it's very easy to separate different amounts of that transaction into different categories - something we refer to as "splitting" the transaction.

How to "split" a transaction

Find the transaction you want to divide into multiple categories and click to "edit" the category. You will a screen similar to this show up:

Click on the button to "Split Transaction" and you will see the pop-up change to look like this:

Choose the first category and enter the amount that should be allocated to it...

You will notice that we automatically subtract the amount of that first row from the transaction total, showing you how much remains to be allocated. This avoids entering amounts that don't add up to the transaction total.

Then, click the "Add Split" link to create a new row, and enter that information.

Click "Save" and voila - you have broken that transaction into different categories, which will be reflected in your reports and, if appropriate, your tax summaries.

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